New Years Planning

As the New Year draws closer we all start thinking about the year that was and what, if anything, we’ll do differently in 2014. Typically during this holiday season people commit to too many events which creates undue stress, and limits time spent planning for the year ahead. I don’t know which case is worse, not giving planning proper thought or rushing through the process because the stress created by tomorrow’s ugly sweater gathering.

Planning is the base of successfully accomplishing any goal and therefore deserves proper attention. Without planning you lose accountability, skip over status updates, get lost in the everyday activities, and generally change your original goal without realizing it.
So, as the holiday season gest into full swing take a moment, take a breath, and write down your goals for the next year and how you want to begin 2015.

Now that you have a list of goals for the next year schedule time at least once a quarter to check-in with that list of goals. Did something change? Are you headed in the right direction? What are the next steps towards accomplishment?
This process certainly doesn’t need to take hours, but spending five or ten minutes reflecting on what was, where you are, and what you want can be what makes or breaks your ability to create more enjoyable moments that span generations.

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