It’s Finally Here

That’s right. Get out your shorts, swim suit, and suntan lotion because summer is just around the corner. Really it is. For many of us the adjustment to summer includes plans to get back in shape, but without proper planning this goal might end up hurting more than helping.

1)      Drink Water

We’ve all heard it multiple times, but it can’t be said enough. To perform at an optimal level your body must be properly hydrated.

2)      Eat appropriately

 All the increased activity requires more energy, if you don’t provide enough energy by way of food your body will go into survival mode which can dampen the desired effects of increased exercise.

3)      Check your equipment

You don’t want to run a marathon in your sandals. Using the wrong equipment, for any activity, can not only lead to poor performance but increases the chance of injury.

4)      Chose the right time of day

Fitting in a workout during the middle of the day might feel good, but the extreme weather can be harmful. When it is hot try and early morning or late evening workout and enjoy it.

5)      Ease into it

You didn’t start walking the day you were born, so running a marathon without first getting your body used to smaller distances isn’t the best idea. Take your time and build on your workouts.

6)      Stretch

Stretching before you work out allows your body to prepare for what is to come. Stretching after your workout allows your body to recover more quickly. So take the time, it is part of your workout.

7)      Rest

Typically summer brings about early mornings and late nights. Burning the candle at both ends can be harmful to your recover efforts and limit your capabilities.

Following these steps will not assure that you reach your goal, but they will help your progress and allow you to enjoy the other opportunities that summer has to offer. After all, the habits you set today can span generations to come.

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