Dust, Sweep, Mop with the proper plan

The sunshine is beaming earlier every morning, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming – all signs that the changing of seasons has arrived. This means one thing: Spring cleaning is finally here. To maximize your results we have created the following how-to list.

Pick a relatively cloudy day. Not only will it allow the cleaning solvents to do their job, but it will help you focus on yours.
Start at the top and finish with the bottom. Begin with windows so that you can see your progress. Next, try dusting ceiling fixtures, walls (yes they need love too), cabinetry and shelving, surface tops, and finally floors. Don’t forget about the air ducts as they can easily spread allergens.
Clean the fixtures with a mildly damp cloth so that it both cleans and dusts.
Use a light sponge or mop on the walls and woodwork to clean soot away without harm.
Thoroughly clean and dust the cabinetry and shelving by removing and scrubbing all contents. Before putting the items back, go through and discard things that are dated and rearrange items give your cabinets a new look!

Now it is time to give the floors and surfaces your undivided attention. Move furniture out of rooms or to the side so no nook goes untouched. Then start with a deep cleaning agent so that all stains are removed. Once done cleaning seal your surfaces to prevent cracking and unnecessary build up of debris.

Once the high traffic areas are sparkling, move to the bedrooms and add a few steps. Begin with the closet. Be sure to bring empty boxes with you to stow away possessions you no longer need and would be willing to part with. There are plenty of places your unwanted items can go. Taking these steps will allow you to not only accomplish your cleaning needs but make your home look fresh and fantastic, ultimately leading to more enjoyable moments.

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